Welcome to ‘Jazz Voice Lessons with David Post’! 


My approach is to help students be ‘themselves’ vocally, singing with healthy vocal technique, and working with materials that they really love singing. I am, personally, a jazz singer. But I also am a ‘classical’ choir director and voice teacher, comfortable with the styles of musical theatre, pop, classical, and R&B. A student can expect the outcome of taking lessons with David to be having an easier time singing than before, and moving towards their potential as artists. This is my jazz site, so it lists ‘jazz’ lessons. But I can also work with you on Classical or pop music you wish to sing. 

Policies for voice lessons

1) please arrive on time and plan to end on time
2) please do not cancel or reschedule if at all possible…no refunds or changes within 24 hours
3) if you must miss or change, please call or text me at 1-415-314-1404
4) Questions are best answered by email to [email protected]

Students need to bring

1) copies of the written music if you have it please
2) pencil
3) a hydrated body (great to bring your water bottle)

Here is the general outline of a lesson

00:00 checking in and doing a vocal warm up
00:12 working/relaxing on specific exercises to improve vocal technique/vocal health
00:20 working on literature
00:40 recording piano accompaniment as needed
00:45 review of what was gained at today’s lesson
00:50 going over what can be practiced before the next lesson
00:55 lesson finishes

Performance opportunities

I will be happy to try to share opportunities to perform for situations that match a student’s capabiliites.


  • Lessons are 35 minutes, although the teacher may choose to extend the lesson a bit if there is no student coming in directly after
  • Cost is $45 for one lesson
  • Paying for four lessons at once lowers the cost to $40 each
  • Recording sessions at David’s Logic Pro studio are priced at $75 per hour, with a 1.5 hour minimum
  • Payments can be made remotely via Venmo at: @David-Post-54 or in person with check or cash

I look forward to making music with you! –